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17-May-2016 20:28

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i was also told they used to tell you the sex at 12 weeks as the babys bitsr deff there at that old but because the baby was so small at 12 weeks sometimes it was hard to see on the scan.

ill be having a good look on monday i found this which basically says at the end of the 3rd month u wud be 12 wks that there sex organs are still developing and by end of 4th month it can be possible to tell sex then i had my scan done at 16wks and was told sex i went private though.

You’ll get to see them kicking their legs, drinking fluid, smiling, yawning and frowning – it’s a special insight into the world inside your womb, enabling you to really bond with your baby, before they meet anyone else!

Our medical scanning service (also called diagnostic medical sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body.

Based in Hampshire, First View Imaging is a well established private ultrasound and medical scanning clinic that provides a comprehensive ultrasound service for pregnant women, including 3D/4D scanning.

A 4D pregnancy scan shows a 3D image of your baby moving in real time which enables you to see your baby’s facial features.

Amanda is an experienced midwife and therapeutic aromatherapist who has been teaching for 19 years, the course is suitable for babies from 6 weeks old.

It is free to attend, however participants need to cover their accommodation and catering costs if required.The images produced can provide significant information for diagnosing and treating a range of different conditions and diseases.