Ohno satoshi dating misono

28-Oct-2016 10:42

is announced, this time on an even larger stage than before.

Given a chance for redemption, the nine girls come together once more to sing their hearts out and claim victory.

After preventing Japan's destruction, Akira Takizawa made one final request to become the "King of Japan," before he erased his memories once again and disappeared.

Leaving Saki Morimi with his cellphone, the only clue she has in regards to Akira's whereabouts is the message, "I'll be waiting where our journey started." Six months later, rumors have spread about Akira, and Saki's search leads her to New York City.

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There were many different responses – some surprising…and some not. What more, following the conclusion of the first, a second Love Live! , the efforts of μ's were able to garner enough interest in their school to prevent it from being shut down. Nakai was like "Even if they are 15-20 minutes late, we cannot do anything about it if its these people." with a sour face. Then Nakai introduced them as "The group that can be forgiven even if they are late. Nakai then said that all Arashi did was apologize, implying that apologies were not quite sufficient. Yet again, I swear, its a freakin' ritual Almost like that cross country relay the Olympians do every time the Olympic games come along. You get to meet people there with the intention of dating or banging.) Nino and his whiny voice. Sho once went to the after party of a performer that he didn't know after the performance. Sho went "Nakai, if you don't have anything to say, just stop it! Nakai went and found a water gun and then started shooting at Sho.

I don't know, perhaps I like this best because this is new. But this is an episode that no one should miss.=O New realms of hilarity, previously unexplored. The talk started with Nakai being pissed at Arashi for being 15 minutes late. Then Arashi members were apologizing in the waiting room. Arashi came out apologizing while Nakai was like "Its totally fine, its totally fine." x D Yeah, right. x D Nakai then called it "Dai Maou" while flashing an exaggerated stare at Ohno. " And so, Nakai sprang from his seat while the other four members held him back. " (Note: Go-kon is a like a group date, Japanese style. Sho wants to go to a Summer Festival where lots of bands would perform. Nakai then yakked on about nothing at all, trying to find words to yell. Can't forgive the choreographer for the part where they pointed forward and then made a square with their finger. I so could have posted this earlier, but I was having a fever.

Ik ben prettig gestoord, blond, zeker vrolijk, gezellig. Ik ben bi en doe soms aan sex met een vriendin van mij.… continue reading »

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