Updating mozilla

11-Aug-2016 18:31

The addition of the new Web Developer sub-menu in the Tools menu means that overlays that rely on the items that have been moved there will work differently than they used to.Your overlays will continue to work, but your items will not wind up where you expect them to.The process requires at least a general knowledge of using a command shell and file system paths.These instructions apply to the following applications though they can also be applied to other Mozilla based applications: Below are examples of where localized mar files for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows can be downloaded from.This document explains how to manually apply a MAR file to an existing installation to update it.This is useful in case you wish to patch a Mozilla based application without running the application itself.You will need to navigate to the version directory, to the updates directory, and then to the platform directory for the mar file that you want to apply.By default, the Firefox Web browser is automatically set to install updates as they become available.

updating mozilla-72

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If your version of Firefox is not set to receive automatic updates, you'll need to manually install new versions periodically to ensure that your browser remains up to date.

(Of course, if you see any problems with updating, we’d like to hear about it… ) Users on aurora, beta and release channels are *not* being switched over yet. Additional context: Update servers have to work accurately, securely, consistently and at scale.

One of the big scary things that any software company has to do is update the system by which all of the company’s users are served updates. After all, if anything goes wrong, we can’t physically go around to each user’s house/office, everywhere around the world, to fix the problem caused by a bad update to their Firefox or Thunderbird installation.

This article provides an overview of the changes you may need to make to your add-ons in order for them to work properly in Firefox 6.

You can find a complete list of developer-related changes in Firefox 6 in Firefox 6 for developers.

You can use that flag to ensure that an add-on that is likely to break will not try to run in updated copies of Firefox.

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